Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wip Wednesday

Ok so I only have a few christmas Wips left over  Due by New years !
When i'm gifting them for christmas.

Griffindor scarf for my cousin joe

Snow flake mittens my own design that i'm gifting my brothers girlfriend.

What I’ve learned in Year 2010

What I’ve learned in Year 2010
2010 has been a very educational year for me, as far as knitting is concerned. In 2010 I’ve made my first pair of socks, Made my first pair of mittens, Knitted my first hat, ( i’ve made several crochet hats ), Learned lace knitting, Learned Contential style knitting, Learned Fair isle knitting. All in all i’d have to say I am quite pleased with myself this year as far as knitting goes because I’ve knitted everything i’ve said I was going to. I’ve played with yarns I wouldn’t normally play with. so i’m proud of my accomlishments this year as a knitter.